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Our skilled professionals have the training and equipment to move your valuable pool table with utmost care.
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Pool Table Moving Service

Move your billiard table with confidence, our pool table moving service prioritizes the safety and protection of your billiard table, preventing any damages during transit.

billiard balls that are on a pool table that will be repaired with new pockets and pool table rails

Professional Pool Table Repair

From re-cushioning and re-felting to pocket replacement and leveling, we offer a wide range of pool table repair services to suit your needs.

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New Pool Table Felt

Recreate the Perfect Slate Playing Surface for Hours of Endless Entertainment. Choose from several different cloth colors.

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Welcome to Trusted Billiards, the leading expert pool table movers in Los Angeles area and Orange County! We specialize in moving a pool table, pool table repairs, restoration, re-felting, re-cushioning, and moving services. Our team of highly skilled technicians delivers exceptional results with attention to detail, ensuring your pool table remains in top condition.

Leveraging years of industry experience, we have developed a comprehensive range of services designed to meet all your pool table requirements. From minor repairs to complex relocations, we provide quick, efficient, and affordable solutions that surpass your expectations.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our operations. As your go-to LA pool table experts we thrive on delivering personalized services tailored to suit your specific needs. Choose Trusted Billiards for superior and quality pool table services in Los Angeles; your satisfaction is our guarantee. Experience the professional and quality services that have made us a trusted choice among pool table owners in Los Angeles, Riverside County & San Bernardino County. We may also be able to help our neighbors in Santa Clarita, Ventura and Newport Beach.

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Pool Table Service FAQ's

Yes we provide felt cloth replacement service.

We take pride in every table that we setup and give satisfaction guarantee.

If there are any issues with the table we may be able to repair them after we move your table.

Yes, we serve all of Los Angeles County.

No, we disassemble and move your pool table.

The moving process is pretty straight forward: disassembly, move and install in new place.

Pro California Pool Table Moving Service

Discover the must-have items on your checklist before moving your pool table to ensure a smooth transition. Learn what to prepare for and expect during the moving process.

Choosing the right pool table movers is crucial for the safety of your investment. Find out how to select a reputable company that guarantees professional service.

Avoid common pitfalls when moving your pool table with our guide. Learn from others’ mistakes to ensure your table’s safety and integrity.

Installing a pool table requires precision and know-how. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure your table is set up for optimal play.

Maintaining your pool table after installation is key to its longevity. Discover top tips for keeping your table in prime condition.

While some pool table repairs can be DIY projects, others require professional expertise. Understand what you can tackle yourself and when to call the experts.

Room size significantly impacts pool table placement and gameplay. Learn how to measure your space and choose the right table size.

Choosing the right felt color for your pool table can transform your game room’s appearance. Explore how different colors can enhance your playing experience.

Professional pool table leveling is essential for a fair and enjoyable game. Find out why expert leveling makes a difference.

The cost of moving a pool table can vary widely. Get an overview of what factors influence the price and how to budget for it.

Deciding whether to repair or replace your pool table slate is a significant decision. Learn the signs that indicate each option.

The benefits of professional pool table setup go beyond just aesthetics. Understand why expert assembly is crucial for your game’s quality.

Safely disassembling your pool table for moving is critical to prevent damage. Discover the right steps to take for a secure move.

Upgrading your game room starts with selecting the perfect pool table. Consider these factors to enhance your space and gameplay.

Whether to repair or upgrade your pool table pockets can affect gameplay. Evaluate the options to decide what’s best for your table.

Climate can have a surprising effect on pool table maintenance. Learn how to protect your table from humidity and temperature changes.

Choosing the right pool table size for your room maximizes space and playability. Find out how to measure and select the best fit.

Restoring an old pool table can bring it back to life and enhance your game room. Discover the steps involved in pool table restoration.

Transporting your pool table safely to a new location requires careful planning. Learn the best practices for a secure move.

Creating a custom pool table design allows you to bring your vision to life. Understand the process and options available for a personalized touch.